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81 Days till this years Annual SHRM Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, FL.

 Have fun in the sun this year with HR professionals from all over the country.


California State Legislative & HR Conference 2014


2014 conference banner

Massage At Work is pleased to announce our participation in this years California State Legislative & HR Conference.

The Conference will be held in the Sheraton Grand Hotel in the state Capital of Sacramento, CA.

If your attending, exhibiting, or simply curious stop by for complimentary massage from April 23-25.

We love what we do & we hope to see you there.

“Fight for Air Climb” 03/01/2014

Massage At Work is all about doing good. Our entire business is based around making the workplace a better place for everyone. We do what we can to reduce stress everyday. So when we heard about Fight for Air Climb we were touched and instantly knew this was something we had to be apart of.

March 1st marks Fight for Air Climb’s third annual event as they attempt to raise money to help find a cure for lung Cancer. A New York event it’s also nice to reach out to our surrounding neighborhoods and meet with like-minded individuals. 

We’ve come such a long way in so many areas of life technology, culture, medicine but there is still nothing more powerful than people donating their time for a good cause. Fight for Air’s Climb is a doubly effective charity in that at the same time that is raises money to fight against lung cancer it also promotes active living as participants race up the stairs of a skyscraper. How very New York.

Massage at Work is honored to be able to donate our services and time for such a wonderful cause. If you can find the time and want to learn more about Fight for Air Climb and the work they do you can visit their website. Or better yet come join us at

Nine Massage Therapist Walk into a Bar


    Christmas is what Massage At Work is all about. We spend every day of the year spreading good cheer and giving the gift of relaxation.

     So imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to spend part of the holiday season on the west coast meeting and greeting with new clients and our team of massage therapist.

     The scene: The lounge of a Beverly Hills hotel decorated for the season complete with a beautiful Christmas tree and guest in the holiday spirit. As the guest arrived one by one we were happy to be reminded of just what a connected business we’ve found ourselves in. Even though these therapist were from all over the LA area they greeted each other like old friends because most had either trained together or worked at various events together. Without knowing it we had assembled a group of old friends.

christmas tree_2

     A varied group at that. So many different demographics represented and so many different backgrounds let to a series of discussions that touched on art, old movies, and chickens. What everyone had in common though was that they loved to help others. With every story they told it became obvious how much they enjoyed what they do. Even though several of the therapist had other lines of work as well their passion for massage was evident.

     Massage At Work really is blessed. Not many people get to enjoy what they do and even less get to help others enjoy what they do, but we get to do that every day.

LA_Holiday Party